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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A new yoga experience looms ahead.

Ardhamatsyendrasana or Half  "Lord of the Fish" pose

I just want to share with you all that next Thursday I'm hosting my first group yoga lesson on request of many of my colleagues at school, all the money gathered in december will be given to an orphanage so they can organize a Christmas party. I'm very excited but also nervous. I think teaching yoga involves much more than just guiding people through awesome postures, you are dealing with the emerging emotions and with the fears of many (not only my own). Many students (like everyone of us) come into class with physical crutches which might make them vulnerable to many practices, and one must always welcome them without hurting them more.Donna Farhi says that teaching yoga is like receiving a heart in your hands, and I believe that is one huge responsibility, which I must admit is a bit terrifying. 

I have been doing some thinking while I prepare the lesson at home and came to the conclusion that I am often afraid, insecure, and needy, and that yoga has been a nice tool in my life to trust a link with someone (God for me) greater than myself and just doing that makes those monsters smaller and manageable. It is my deep desire to be able to communicate my own experience through my yoga practice. 

I don't know how many people actually stop to read my blog or if any of my friends really has the time to go through it. Is is enough if there is at least one reader who appreciates my words, although it's nice to know friends do visit from time to time :P

I would love it if those of you unable to come could be here, but your good wishes are as good as if you were there!

I will post the good news next week :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Universe we live in.

Since the begining of time there has always been the Universe of God, the real Universe, the Universe where we live. We also live in a much newer version of this Universe which was made by our ancestors, two sets in one, sometimes similar and sometimes quite different, this is the universe we live in .

The Sun comes out in the universe of man and in the Universe of God. When in the universe of man, the sun coming out means it's the morning and marks the beginning of a new day, new chances, new opportunities, and often a clean slate, while in the Universe of God the Sun coming out serves no  purpose other than just coming out in all its glory as every instant is replenished with the word new. In the Universe of God, when it rains, that's the only thing that happens, the plants are no longer thirsty, the rivers grow healthier and stronger so that they can supply water to the earth, yet everything remains quietly neutral, in a peaceful silence, just like in the driest of seasons. Rain in the universe of man gets us wet, and sometimes sad,  if it doesn't happen in a long time, we crave for it, we need it, and when it's enough we despise it, the day turns gray, and windows tick as drops crash against them.

One universe, that one of the man, works under a complex set of laws which are necessary for its understanding and adequate functioning, whereas the Universe of God only works because of God's love. There are no other laws, everything is linked to His love and moves towards it.

Some objects in the universe of man are classified as useless, this does not happen in the Universe of God as nothing is boxed and everything shares the same value. The universe of man is as old as reason, the Universe of God has no age.

Even if the Universe of God sounds like the good one, the appreciation of both universes cannot exist without the universe of man. There is no good or bad in the Universe of God, and the universe of man if a part of it. Without reason there is no universe of man, and without universe of man, all reasoning is out of order. The universe of man comes after the need of organization of reason and is based on the racionalization of the Universe of God. Therefore, finding oneself at awe before the Universe of God is only possible when recognizing the limitations of the universe of man, and finding oneself at awe is only possible in the universe of man.

Since everything in the Universe of God is God Himself and His love, it is only possible to love God and be His love. In the universe of man, it is possible to create manly love and give love to God and to another man.

There is grandeur in the Universe of God. There is humility in the universe of man. There's freedom in the Universe of God. There's passion in the universe of man.

These two universes must not be confused. Being a man implies living in the universe of man, and surrendering to God implies recognizing there is a much bigger Universe of pure love.
This is the Universe we all live in.