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Thursday, May 24, 2012

You are also involved

It seems to me that over the past few months, an awful lot of confusing, and potentially problematic events have been taking place worldwide. Everything has been happening very quickly, and luckily, there is people who is opening their eyes to the new needs of the world. There are some voices which are starting to make noise, voices calling for a change, voices of people waking up and realizing that society is coming closer and closer to a breaking point.

It's true, social justice nowadays feels more like a privilege, rather than fact; never before has the world been in an unhappier condition.   Being blunt , we cannot afford to continue doing things in the usual way  -- we are playing with a time bomb and if we don't do something now, it is soon going to burst in our hands.

Many countries around the globe are going through or have recently gone through elections, and people seem to be increasingly showing a generalized discontent with the way things currently are. These last couple of weeks in my country have actually been very interesting -- students, and young adults all over the place are going out on the streets to make an unprecedented statement: "We will not be take lies from anyone anymore". Some people opened their eyes and did not like what they saw, hopefully the youth is starting to realize that the problem has always been in their hands, and that it is better to stand up and do something, than sitting down cursing and waiting for things to be magically solved. It makes me happy to think that awareness is happening.

While these efforts are a big step towards having the world we need, there is still a long way to go. Politics are very important, but they are not the only front to cover. We still need to realize there are other contexts where we need to get really involved. In a world where some people get to choose what they eat, while others die for not having anything, we have to focus on a cross-functional approach. This means that everyone gets to play an important role in the process for finding an integral solution to the problems of today. Every single person is necessary.

As a possible solution, I believe we all need to re-check our hierarchy of values as self-gratification and self-indulgence seem to be favored all the time. We like to praise ourselves, we want quick success and recognition no matter what, we want to get there, we want pleasure, we have a cult for ourselves and our addictions, and the rest is completely irrelevant.We choose based ont what's best for us, and not what's best for everyone.

We no longer need an education aimed at solely pursuing success, but an education which underscores finding a dialogue between success and values such as solidarity, empathy, coexistence, love, and respect. We need to stand up for our beliefs, and we must put our energies in making the world a better one. This current model is not getting us anywhere but to destruction, there is enough hatred in the world, and we are already killing each other in order to survive.  We have to open our eyes to see that this, is really threatening our kind.

 Get up from bed everyday with the intention of generating smiles. Always think that this is all in your hands, you also make the politics, you are part of the world, and your actions make an important contribution to it, don't ever think of yourself as a separate entity. Stand up from the couch, and join the world in its awakening towards happiness!

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